The Poisoned Chalice of Morii

June 2022

Morii (moh-ree): The desire to capture a fleeting experience

– Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

I have always wished that I was able to relive certain moments in my life, but that is clearly not possible. The closest to capturing those fleeting moments is by taking a photo or video that reminds you of what had happened, but is that ever enough to fully capture what you had felt at the time — the good and the bad? And so with every click of the shutter, I am trying to press pause on my life so I can experience, just a little longer, of the fleeting moment in a world stuck on play.*

*And sometimes, you are not able to capture the experience and so you are living off your memories hoping that you don’t forget.

Life is full of building memoriies. But for some, like myself, may sometimes take nostalgia too far especially when you have lived and want to continue to live a full life; the constant story-telling of my past experiences to friends and the expressed desire to experience it again may sometimes be a testament to my current dull life. And so it could be said that morii is a poisoned chalice that prohibits me from truly living in the moment because of my desire to live in nostalgia.

I think it is important to appreciate past experiences, but not to dwell on it for too long to the point where it stops you from seeking new experiences in life. Well, that is the reason why I started this website, so I can capture and share with you my experiences in life in the form of a time capsule as I travel the world and help others.

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