Why Building Memorii is a Lifelong Mission

December 2023

Living in uncertain times; a challenging decade. Yet the show must go on. As the year ends, I reflect on why Building Memorii is my lifelong mission, and it can be yours too, amidst an era of polycrisis and global economic uncertainty.

I founded Building Memorii with the mission to make a difference in the world, writing one story at a time. I saw my humanitarian work as a lifelong mission, that will survive me as I share my unique understanding of the world and life through my very own eyes.

But it’s not as easy as you think.

As humanitarian crises started to break out in different regions, I was not able to fully dedicate myself to a place and travelling between conflict to conflict had a toll on my mental health. Soon after, I was burned out. Because I wished I could have done more and I was unable to help those in the Levant since October 7. The horrors of war is an experience that I don’t wish on to anyone in their lifetime — trying to understand the intergenerational trauma of some of these conflicts is a modern tragedy, to say at the very least.

And so a few months back, I decided to take a pause, focus on myself, and take a deep look within to find again the reason why I was so driven to make a positive change in the world. The answer is that I am a strong advocate for doing something greater than yourself. Trying to understand, witness, and contribute to the raw moments of humanity, the good and the bad; there is beauty in this and every little bit of help counts no matter how small.

By treating Building Memorii as my lifelong mission, I will always continue planting the seeds hoping that one day it will grow into a forest of beautiful memoriies, as more people become inspired to do more to help others.

This does not necessarily mean providing aid in the frontline of conflict zones, but you could donate your money or time to assist those in need. All of these are contributions that come out of your goodwill to make the world a better place.

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